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Stolen - Lucy Christopher Such a beautiful, twisted story. Stolen is all about a girl who is taken from an airport to a place that is all at once remote, beautiful, and terrifying. She is taken by a man who wants her to be happy with him, and tries to help her adjust to living there.Without a doubt, my favorite part of Stolen is the landscape. Christopher describes it so well that you can almost feel how dry the entire place is. It's the type of place that you almost want to visit to see how beautiful is, yet you don't want to go there for fear you'd become trapped and die.Reading about Ty and Gemma is hard. While we don't get clear answers, I personally thought there was probably something wrong with Ty that led him to act the way he did. A psychological or a mental problem. Gemma has complex feelings for him, and I thought Christopher was going to crash and burn and write a horrid and ingenuine ending to their relationship. I was so, so wrong. You guys, Christopher NAILED IT SO HARD.At one point Gemma describes Australia as "so different and beautiful. I can never get it out of my mind." I think that's a perfect definition of what this book was to me and how other readers will react.Full review to come.